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Wood Working

Silicone Rubber Membranes

for Hi-Temp Veneer & Thermofoil Pressing Applications.
HPPSIL Products: Hi-Performance Products enjoys an industry wide reputation as a high quality calendared sheet rubber supplier to the Woodworking industry. The reason for this reputation is simple. HPP offers a total calendaring capability. This capability includes complete materials formulation and mixing, product design and engineering services, a large production capacity and a sophisticated quality control and product-testing laboratory. Beyond this, HPP's experience means you have access to a manufacturing team who knows the calendaring process intuitively and have raised it to an art. The result is consistent products that will meet and exceed you every specification and expectation.

· Hi-Tear Membranes · Thickness from .015" to .375"
·Hi-Elongation Membranes · Textures: Smooth; Fabric
· Smooth, Fabric or Custom Finishes · Standard Widths: 36", 48" & 54"
· Multi-Colored Products ·Wider widths available with seamless splice

Standard Product Properties:

Style Hi-Tear Hi-Elongation
Durometer Hardness 55 57
Ultimate Tensile (psi) 1211 1293
Elongation (%) 583 796
Tear Strength 240 219
Specific Gravity 1.18 1.21
Standard Color Maroon Gray


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